Data + Women: Advice from the SFBATUG Members

Posted by on 2015-10-15

What an incredible honor to speak at the SFBATUG and share dialogue with these incredible women in data.  Be sure to check out this great post from Tableau and join me on Monday at the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas for a very special Data + Women session at 2:30 pm.

How can women succeed in the data industry? For one, it’s important to push your own boundaries. That was the consensus at a recent SFBATUG meeting on the topic of Data + Women. Here are some takeaways from the discussion.

When you seize opportunities and push yourself, you’ll meet people who “welcome you, encourage and challenge you,” says Leigh Fonseca, LivingData’s managing director.

“They are your advocates and your allies. Be willing to change course, to ask for help, to stumble, and to learn,” she says.

Source: Data + Women: Advice from the SFBATUG Members

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