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Posted by on 2014-04-28

In April of 2014 I had the privilege of hosting a hands-on session at the San Francisco Bay Area Tableau User Group along side Anya A’Hearn and Dan Montgomery and following a talk from Dan Murray from Interworks.  What a fun evening!

Since April is Tips Month at Tableau I offered 3 tips for better vizes.  Each of which I will post on over the coming weeks:

  1. Taking Control of Dates
  2. Swapping out Views with Vertical Stacking Containers
  3. Developing a DataViz Checklist

I spent my early years in technology working in QA and focused on the details that help ensure quality.  While everything had a test plan there was also a lot of exploratory testing.  There was something about “checking your work” that was reassuring.

Recently, I heard a great Planet Money podcast on Obamacare and Checklists and it got me thinking about how we can use checklists to make our visual analytics better. Not a far cry from the days of test plans.  On an even larger scale, the WHO has identified that 60% of people have surgical interventions have 1 of 6 key safety measures missed.  How are they combatting this? Checklists.

Checklists are simple and highly effective.  Let’s give them a try.

What would you add to this checklist?



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